We are equipped with a nationally-recognized labor and employment team that advises clients on how to establish solid legal structures that meet regulatory requirements, thereby minimizing the risk of labor and employment disputes. We assist large transnational and mid-sized companies with these types of disputes.

Our team employs a preventive, coordinated approach using tailored strategies to optimize clients' material and human resources by leveraging our specialized labor and employment dispute resolution skills.

Our model permits us to conduct labor and employment due diligence; draft and review individual employment and collective bargaining agreements as well as hiring-related documents; train human resources teams and individuals in charge of client payroll; draft and register internal labor regulations; create and operate mandatory joint committees; and provide personalized intervention to prevent employer-employee disputes from taking place.

In addition, our firm has proven experience with inspections conducted by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), National Workers' Housing Fund Institute (INFONAVIT), Pension System (SAR), and Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and with drafting labor, employment, and social security documents. It has also defended clients challenging tax liabilities imposed by these authorities.