RAMÍREZ, GUTIÉRREZ-AZPE, RODRÍGUEZ-RIVERO Y HURTADO, S.C. (“RGRH”) responsible for your Personal Data, located at Galileo 55, first floor, Colonia Polanco, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, C.P.11560, Mexico City, acknowledges the importance of the lawful, controlled and informed processing of Personal Data and provides you with their Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”) in order to be informed of the practices to be followed in obtaining, using, storing and the general practices in processing Personal Data, in accordance with the Mexican Federal Act on Personal Data held by private individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Data Protection Act”) as well as the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”), their regulation and the respective guidelines.

Processed Personal Data (“Personal Data”)

  • Personal Data provided voluntarily, due to the issuance of a circular; email sent for contact purposes; or, related to the rendering of legal services;
  • Identification data, labor and family contacts;
  • Academic Data;
  • Labor, tax and social security Data;
  • Billing Data, information regarding the drafting of tax folios;
  • Financial data, bank accounts and methods of payment;
  • Sensitive Data: state of health and data within a medical certificate, medical background, illnesses suffered or accidents; religion, physical characteristics: height, weight; criminal record, whether in hold of a bond, whether you belong to a labor union, whether you belong to a club or an association, sports practiced, if you have family members or acquaintances within the business; and;
  • Photographs, images and documents that support the information provided.

Privacy for Minors

Unless consent is given to us by the parents or tutors of minors, we shall not celebrate acts with minors nor shall we approve employment requests or services deriving from them. However, we can be in hold of the Personal Data of minors in order to carry out a variety of paperwork, upon approval of the parents or tutors.

Purposes and/or Use of Personal Data

Primary Purposes

  • The Personal Data provided voluntarily provided shall be used for the purposes of contact should the profile be of RGRH’s interest, or, in order to follow up the attainment of a service;
  • The Personal Data can also be used to celebrate labor contracts, to be informed of labor, academic background or patrimonial situations. With regard to workers, to provide social, legal benefits and additional benefits such as life insurance and health insurance, to provide training and promotions based on aptitudes and capacities, as well as maintaining a backup file of the compliance of obligations;
  • For the rendering of legal services or those related to the billing of the same;
  • Comply with the terms and conditions of the labor, services relationship or with regard to any general legal relationship that exists or shall exist with you and with the following obligations, including the payments of compensations;
  • Comply with the tax, labor and social security norms, even after the termination of the labor relationship, including processes of accounting and financial revision and the conservation of the respective backup;
  • Protect the security and integrity of the persons within our facilities;
  • Grant facilities and services to those who collaborate with us and who enter our facilities, including in some cases, transport and medical attention in the event of an emergency; and
  • Ensure that the persons with whom we have relationships, comply with the legal, accounting and regulatory or contractual obligations in their control.

We request sensitive data to avoid carrying out activities that can place the health of the holders at risk. This is the essential data for the labor relationship and shall be processed only for the purposes established in this Privacy Notice.

Secondary Purposes

  • The sending of newsletters regarding the current regulations, as part of our legal services.

Transfers of Personal Data

Personal Data can be transferred for the purposes established in this Privacy Notice to:

  • National credit institutions for the payments of salaries and/or labor benefits;
  • National insurance companies to grant life and health insurance;
  • Tax authorities and with regard to social security: IMSS, INFONAVIT, SAR and INFONACOT in compliance with obligations.
  • Notary Publics for authentication purposes.

In addition to the indicated transfers, RGRH shall not sell, submit nor transfer your Personal Data to third parties external to RGRH without the prior consent of the holders. However, RGRH can transfer your Personal Data when said transfer is provided for in the Data Protection Act and/or GDPR.

Security Measures

RGRH has adopted and shall sustain the necessary security, administrative, technical and material measures for the protection of Personal Data against the damage, loss, modification, destruction or unauthorized use, access or processing.

Rights that correspond to the holder of the Personal Data

The holder of the Personal Data can execute before the Representative of the Protection of Personal Data of RGRH, the rights of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition (“ARCO” rights). Therefore, the consent that was granted and necessary for the processing of your Personal Data can be revoked at any given moment, as well as limiting the use or disclosure of the same.

The above, by means of request to the following email: rgrh@rgrhmx.com or to Galileo 55, first floor, Colonia Polanco, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, C.P.11560, Mexico City, as stated below.

The Request

The request for ARCO rights, limited to the use or disclosure and/or the revocation must contain at least: (a) name; (b) state whether the request is presented in person or by means of a representative; (c) address for obtaining and receiving notifications; (d) telephone; (e) e-mail and indicate if consent is given for notifications carried out regarding your request to be sent to the e-mail provided to us; (f) the clear and precise description of the Personal Data with regard to the request to execute the ARCO rights, limited to the use or disclosure and/or revocation; (g) where applicable, an express statement revoking consent of the processing of your Personal Data; (h) any other element that facilitates the localization of the Personal Data, such as the date in which we were provided with the worker or subject matter number; and (i) the documents that certify your identity and power of attorney, in the case of being a legal representative.

Certifying Legal Personality

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, in order to process your request, you must previously identify yourself with the original document, or with respect to the legal representatives, certify your personality by means of an original copy of your official identification and original copy of power of attorney for verification and the return of the original.


Rectification Requests

With respect to the rectification requests, they must be accompanied by the documents verifying the request and the specific Personal Data to be modified


Once the request is presented, RGRH shall have 5 (five) days to collect the additional information. Should no additional information be necessary, a resolution shall be given in a period of 20 (twenty) days.

The Access to Personal Data shall be made public, where applicable, through issuing one copy of such.

The resolution of the request shall be made by means of postal mail indicated by you for such purposes or electronically to the email address provided by you in the request and shall enter into force in the 15 (fifteen) working days following the date in which the same has been resolved.

The time periods stated herein can be extended in the cases established by the Data Protection Act and/or GDPR. The remainder of the procedure shall be presented in accordance with the time periods and stages established therein. Should you require any additional information, send an email to: rgrh@rgrhmx.com.


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Modification of the Notice

RGRH reserves the right to modify or complement the Privacy Notice at any moment. Should any modification to this Notice be made, this shall be brought to your attention on our Site or by means of a written notice or notice made by email.


If you have any doubts regarding the Privacy Notice or the handling of your Personal Data, please contact our Representative of the Protection of Personal Data at the email: rgrh@rgrhmx.com.


Where applicable, if no objection is raised for your Personal Data to be processed in the terms stated in this Privacy Notice, it shall be understood that consent for such purposes has been granted.

Date of update: May 31, 2018.